Close your pool using a DIY Drought Pool Cover from Aqua-Net!

Made from durable plastic with a lifespan in excess of 4 years, the cover is custom fitted to the inside shape of the pool using adhesive tape.


  • Once in place the cover will stop all water evaporation and prevent leaves and debris entering the pool. 
  • The material allows no light transfer, as such algae is unable to grow.  The pool water will remain clear and free of algae.
  • The cover can be fitted to pools with water levels below the weir.
  • The pool pump can be switched off, for extended periods, as no filtration is required once the cover is in place.  Savings of up to R15- per day in electricity usage (R450 /month electricity saving)
  • No backwashing required once cover is fitted.
  • 1 year guarantee


Cost: R80 / square meter including VAT for DIY – (Excludes Adhesive Tape)
| Payment required in advance | Not available for fitting


Note:    The cover will close the pool and is not designed for daily fitting and removal.
The Drought Cover is not a safety cover and is unsafe for small children/pets.
Requires two adults to fit and remove.
Cover can and must be quickly removed in the event of rainfall.
The cover can be opened to allow water removal by bucket on a daily basis in the event of Day Zero.

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