Aqua-Net Pool Safety Net

Trusted by households since 1972

The Aqua-Net swimming pool safety net was designed and introduced to the world in 1972. As a parent you want your pool to be safe and secure. The Aqua-Net offers this and more. Aqua-Net has saved countless lives, with zero reported drownings over the past 45 years. Simple, cost effective and safe, with a lifespan over 8 years Aqua-Net is the trusted name in pool safety. All backed by a no nonsense 5 year guarantee.

The Aqua-Net swimming pool safety net, was designed and introduced to the world in 1972. Used by concerned parents for over 40 years, there have been ZERO reported drownings on an installed Aqua-Net to date.

  • The Aqua-Net is a simple system that can easily be fitted and removed by an adult.
  • Manufactured from UV treated polyethylene braid, the Aqua-Net has a breaking strain in excess of 150 kg.
  • The pre-shrunk, machine manufactured 80mm mesh netting adheres to international safety net standards.
  • Designed to support a crawling baby off the water at the edge of the pool, the 80mm mesh is large enough to inhibit movement on the net, but small enough not to allow a child’s head through the net.
  • A crawling baby falling onto the Aqua-Net will be supported off the water. Arms and legs will go through the net, preventing further movement away from the edge of the pool. It will be an unpleasant experience, which will result in the child crying thus alerting parents or a carer to the situation.
  • As children grow and become heavier, they may come in contact with the water should they fall onto the net. However, an older child will be able to push themselves up and away from the water, cry and alert a person’s attention.
  • It is unlikely that there will ever be an occasion when a child is left unsupervised for any length of time. The Aqua-Net provides the extra minutes needed between a child wondering off on their own and the moment that they are missed.
  • A child cannot lift up or crawl under an Aqua-Net.
  • The unique Central Tension System is made up of 11 pulleys built into the net.
  • A central float is standard. The float keeps the net at a constant height above the water, even if the water level rises. The float also supports the net toward the center of the pool.
  • Custom fitted to any shape or size pool, pond or spa.
  • Available in Blue or Black
  • Our 5-years guarantee includes one free maintenance visit to the value of R890 (includes replacing of anchor plates if/where necessary)

There is no substitute for adult supervision. Never leave a child alone near water.

The Aqua-Net is supplied and fitted using the following component parts


  • UV treated polyethylene braid made from high density virgin polymer.
  • Machine manufactured, square 80mm mesh using a 3,5mm braid.
  • Never leave the net off the pool lying in the sun for any extended period of time. It is possible for the netting to shrink if exposed to temperature extremes.
  • With a breaking strain in excess of 150kg per strand the Aqua-Net will easily support the weight of a child or even an adult.
  • Available in Blue or Black.

Anchor Plate


  • The Aqua-Net is fitted using fully adjustable, self locking anchor plates.
  • Manufactured from either stainless steel or glass-filled nylon. The glass filled nylon anchors are available in four different colours – terracotta, beige, grey and black.
  • The anchor plate is designed so that children cannot stub their toes or hurt their feet.
  • The anchor plate will not clog with dirt or dust.
  • A superior anchor system to the simple “hole in the paving method”, it allows for the hooks to be locked in place and makes it impossible for a small child to remove the anchors when central tension system is tensioned.
  • Designed to last the lifespan of the net (6-8 years).

Hook Bolt

  • Anchoring system used where rocks or vertical walls are present.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel with a brass anchor.


  • Constructed from recycled polyethylene.
  • The float is designed to keep the net at a constant height above the water.
  • Supports the net towards the centre of the pool.
  • Available in grey.

Storage Roller (Optional Extra)

  • For easy fitting and removing of the Aqua-Net.
  • Keeps the net neat and tidy and ready for use.
  • Prevents the net becoming entangled.
  • Lightweight and portable. It is not a permanent fixture.

Fitting – The Aqua-Net

safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net
  • Open the net and determine the location of the Aqua-Net Name Disc. Secure the hook it is attached to, into the anchor plate on the paving with the corresponding Name Disc. This will orientate the net on the pool.
  • If the net is stored on a Storage Roller, the Name disc should be readily to hand. Slowly unroll the net from the storage roller and walk to the anchor plate with the corresponding Name Disc and secure the hook into the anchor plate.
  • Proceed around the pool, securing the hooks into the anchor plates. Be careful not to fit a hook into an incorrect plate as the net will not fit as a result. If the pool has a vertical wall or rock feature, secure the anchor points here first.
  • Ensure that the hooks are fitted into the back keyhole slot wherever possible.
  • Try not to fit all the hooks into the front keyhole slot as this will make the net too loose.
  • Alternate hooks by fitting some in the front and some in the back keyhole slot, should you wish to adjust the net tension if you are unable to work only with the back keyhole slot.
  • Ensure that the float is sitting within the central netting bag.
  • Once all the hooks are fitted in the anchors, secure the secondary tension rope by pulling and hooking it into place.
  • Using the hand puller provided, pull the main tension rope and secure it into the main tension rope anchor point.
  • The time needed to replace an average size pool net – 3-4 minutes.

Removing – The Aqua-Net

safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net safety for the pool - Aqua Net
  • The central tension system makes the process of fitting and removing the Aqua-Net a simple task.
  • Start by releasing the main tension rope (rope with loop), using the hand puller provided.
  • Release the secondary tension rope.
  • Move to the centre of the length and pull the net up towards yourself, to fully release the central tension system.
  • Remove the hooks from the anchor plates. Leave the corners and any hook bolts till last.
  • Roll the net up using the Storage Roller or pull the net out of the pool and move out of the way.
  • By simply loosening the tension ropes, all the tension is released on the net making it ready to be removed with ease.
  • Hooks are removed from the anchor plates on the paving and the net is rolled onto the storage roller or removed from the pool and stored.
  • To refit the Aqua-Net, replace the hooks in the anchor plates and tighten the tension ropes.
  • The time needed to remove an average size pool net – 2-3 minutes.

The Aqua-Net requires little regular maintenance. There are however some important things to remember

  • Never leave the net off the pool lying in the sun for any extended period of time. It is possible for the netting to shrink if exposed to temperature extremes.
  • Dogs may chew the net to drink water. Should this happen it is possible to repair the net depending on the extent of the damage. Contact your nearest branch for assistance in this regard.
  • A Dog repellent spray is available to assist in discouraging dogs from chewing the net.
  • Glass filled nylon anchor plates can wear/degrade over time. Any plate that shows signs of wear should be replaced to ensure the ongoing safety of the Aqua-Net.
  • Stainless steel anchors can bend at the keyhole slots. Tap the keyhole slot back into position, if wear is apparent.
  • The float should not be dropped or thrown as it can crack. Should the float become filled with water due to rain, it is advisable to allow the water to drain through the hole in the top of the float before refitting the float in the net.
  • The Aqua-Net is resistant to chlorine so it is fine to add chlorine by throwing it through the net. It is best, however, to add chemicals such as chlorine and specifically pool acid at the weir.
  • Should the net need to be removed for an extended time period, wash it down with fresh water, fold it neatly and store out of direct sunlight in a cool environment, free from any rodents.

Place your pool in an imaginary box or rectangle, then using a measuring tape, measure from inside coping edge (waters edge) to coping edge (waters edge) for maximum length and width. Please do not add on any more than required, as this will only increase the price for your cover. 

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There is no substitute for adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended near water.