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The Leaf Catcha porous swimming pool cover was introduced by Aqua-Net in the early 80’s. It has proven to be a very popular product. Offering the pool owner, a means to reduce swimming pool maintenance and running costs while keeping the pool free of leaves and debris. The Leaf Catcha is available in a range of thicknesses. Manufactured from uv treated shade cloth, the cover has a lifespan in excess of 10 years, all backed by a 5 year guarantee.

The Leaf Catcha porous swimming pool cover was introduced by Aqua-Net in the early 80’s. Since then it proved to be a very popular product. It offers the pool owner , a means to reduce swimming pool maintenance and running costs while keeping the pool free of leaves and debris. Manufactured from shade cloth, the cover has an expected lifespan in excess of 10 years.

  • The Leaf Catcha is constructed from 55% or 80% density UV treated shade cloth available in blue or black.
  • The 55% density is used as it is easily stretched tightly over a pool and the material does not rest on the water when the cover is fitted on the pool.
  • The 80% density will keep smaller debris out and save more on evaporation than the 55% – only available for smaller
  • The Leaf Catcha is manufactured using monofilament polyethylene strands. These strands are knitted into a material which is strong and hard wearing. With a breaking strain in the region of 60kg, the material will not tear readily if pierced, due to the lock stitch used in the knitting process.
  • The Leaf Catcha pool cover is custom fitted to the swimming pool, flush with the paving. A safety net is used during the initial fitment process to enable a template of the pool to be taken. The material is then returned to the factory for stitching where a reinforced webbing edge is stitched around the perimeter of the cover. Brass eyelets are fitted into the webbing surround and the cover is returned to site and fitted to the swimming pool using an anchor plate system.
  • The fitted cover does not rest on the water when in position. Leaves and debris can blow off the surface of the cover or be brushed away. The material is porous so rainwater does not collect on top of the cover when it rains.
  • The porous nature of the material allows some dust through, but this is easily taken care of by the pool cleaner.
  • The Leaf Catcha will reduce evaporation by up to 80%. The material acts as a physical barrier over the pool surface area. UV light exposure of the swimming pool water is reduced thus reducing evaporation. Further to this, wind/airflow is greatly reduced by the presence of the cover, again assisting in evaporation savings.
  • The Leaf Catcha is tensioned across the pool and will support a small child or animal off the water at the edge of the pool. Should a child or animal walk/crawl onto the cover, the material will stretch as they move toward the center of the pool and may come into contact with the water. This could pose a potential drowning risk for a crawling baby, and as such it is not recommended that the Leaf Catcha is used as a safety device.
  • The Leaf Catcha is the recommended animal safety option for smaller pets (max 15Kg).
  • Large animals will cause the cover to stretch and also wear and possibly tear where the cover is in contact with the paving surround.
  • The Leaf Catcha is fitted and removed using a hand puller. The Leaf Catcha is lightweight and easily operated by one person. The cover floats in water.
  • Custom fitted to any shape or size pool or spa.
  • Available in Blue or Black, 55 or 80% material.
  • A storage roller is available as an optional extra.
  • 5 years guarantee including one free maintenance visit to the value of R890 (includes repairs to any anchor plates if/when necessary)

The Leaf Catcha is manufactured using the following components


Pool leaf catcher cover PVC
  • UV treated knitted shade cloth material available in either Blue or Black in 55%, 80% or 95% density.
  • Manufactured from monofilament polyethylene.
  • UV treated webbing.
  • Brass eyelets.
  • Anchor plate (see below).
  • Covers available in Blue or Black.

Anchor Plate

Pool leaf catcher cover PVC
Pool leaf catcher cover PVC
Pool leaf catcher cover PVC
  • The Leaf Catcha is fitted using fully adjustable self-locking anchor plates.
  • These plates are manufactured from either stainless steel or glass-filled nylon. The glass filled nylon anchors are available in four different colours, terracotta, beige, grey and black.
  • The anchor plate is designed so that children cannot stub their toes or hurt their feet.
  • The anchor plate will not clog with dirt or dust.
  • A superior anchor system to the simple “hole in the paving method”, it allows for the hooks to be locked in place and it impossible for a small child to remove the hooks when the cover is under tension.
  • Designed to last the lifespan of the product (6-8 years).

Hook Bolt

  • Anchor system used where rocks or vertical walls are present.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel with a brass anchor.

Optional Storage Roller

Pool leaf catcher cover PVC
  • For easy fitting and removal of the Leaf Catcha.
  • Keeps the cover neat and tidy and ready for use.
  • Prevents the cover becoming entangled.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Not a permanent fixture.

Removing the Leaf Catcha

One person is able to undertake the removal / fitting process

  • Start by removing the hooks on the straightest sections of the pool first. Leave the corners or shaped sections till last.
  • Hook the supplied hand puller into an eyelet. Pull the hand puller back towards yourself, keeping the handle as level with the ground as possible. Remove the hook from its anchor point and proceed around the pool removing hooks as you go.
  • Once all the hooks are released the Leaf Catcha can be pulled out of the pool and roughly rolled up or folded and stored away. If a storage roller is in place, turn the handle of the roller and allow the cover to feed through the front square opening of the roller.
    • Do not leave the cover off the pool for extended periods exposed to the sun.
    • Fold and store the cover in a bag/box in a cool place and safe from any rodents.

Fitting The Leaf Catcha

  • Open the cover and determine the location of the Aqua-Net Name Disc. Secure the hook it is attached to, into the anchor plate on the paving with the corresponding Name Disc. This will orientate the cover on the pool.
  • If the cover is stored on a Storage Roller, the Name disc should be readily to hand. Slowly unroll the cover from the storage roller and walk to the anchor plate with the corresponding Name Disc and secure the hook into the anchor plate.
  • It is best to fit the cover to the straightest sections of the pool first. Leave the corners till last.
  • Proceed around the pool, securing the hooks into the anchor plates. Be careful not to fit a hook into an incorrect plate as the cover will not fit as a result. If the pool has a vertical wall or rock feature, secure the anchor points here first.
  • Ensure that the hooks are fitted into the back keyhole slot wherever possible.
  • Try not to fit all the hooks into the front keyhole slot as this will make the cover too loose.
  • Alternate hooks by fitting some in the front and some in the back keyhole slot, should you wish to adjust the cover tension.
  • Use the hand puller provided to achieve the required tension on the cover and fit the last couple of hooks into the plates.

The Leaf Catcha swimming pool cover does not require regular maintenance. There are however some important things to remember

  • Never leave the cover off the pool in the sun for extended periods of time.
  • Dogs may chew the cover to drink water. Should this happen it is possible to repair/patch the cover/webbing depending on the extent of the damage.
  • A Dog repellent spray is available to assist in discouraging dogs from chewing the cover.
  • Dogs / children running /playing on the cover will cause it to chafe on the pool coping. It is best to discourage children or animals from walking on the Leaf Catcha to minimise potential strectching / wear.
  • Glass filled nylon anchor plates can wear over time. Any plate that shows signs of wear should be replaced to ensure the on-going effectiveness of the cover.
  • Stainless steel anchors can bend at the keyhole slots. Tap the keyhole slot back into position, if “wear” is apparent.

There is no substitute for adult supervision.

Never leave a child alone near water.

Place your pool in an imaginary box or rectangle, then using a measuring tape, measure from inside coping edge (waters edge) to coping edge (waters edge) for maximum length and width. Please do not add on any more than required, as this will only increase the price for your cover. 

For free advice, please call our sales team at your nearest branch.

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There is no substitute for adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended near water.