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Bubble wrap your swimming pool and reap the benefits!

The Aqua-Bubble Solar blanket is a product designed to increase water temperature, extend the swimming season, stop evaporation, save on electricity and reduce chemical usage. 

This locally manufactured Solar Blanket is made from 500-micron material and carries a 4 year reducing warranty.

The Aqua-Bubble Solar blanket has three main functions.

Firstly, UV light passing through the material warms the pool water directly below the cover.  Through circulation of the water by means of the pool filter system the warm water is circulated throughout the pool, raising the overall temperature of the pool.

The second function of the Aqua-Bubble Solar Blanket is as an insulator.  During the cool evening or when it is windy, the Aqua-Bubble insulates the pool, preventing heat loss. It is possible to maintain a relatively constant water temperature over an extended time period.  The swimming season can be started one to two months earlier than usual and can be continued one to two months later into autumn.

The third function of the Aqua-Bubble Solar Blanket is to prevent evaporation. Cut to the inside shape of the pool, the Aqua-Bubble acts as a “lid” reducing evaporation by as much as 90%.

An Aqua-Net solar blanket is the ideal way to get maximum use from your pool while at the same time saving money and helping the environment by reducing electricity and water use.

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