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Aqua-Net’s wide range of pool-safety and maintenance products will ensure hours of fun in and around the pool this summer.

With over 40 years’ experience Aqua-Net is the trusted name in swimming pool safety in South Africa with a wide selection of safety products and expert, tailor-made options for pool owners.

Our range of safety products includes nets, hard covers and swimming pool fences – all in sleek, unobtrusive designs that easily fit into any space.

The Safety Net, designed in 1972, is still the simplest and most effective safety system on the market today. The multifunctional Solid Safety cover is an addition to the product range for safety that also provides a way to keep the pool clean and reduce evaporation. Complementing our range of safety products is a selection of maintenance products for easy, hassle free pool care. Keep leaves and debris out of the pool with the Leaf-Catcha – a porous cover, or the Aqua-Guard – a solid PVC cover designed to close the swimming pool for an extended period of time. Finally, our Solar Blanket is designed to increase water temperature and reduces evaporation.
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