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our premier automated pool cover

The Aqua-Net Automated Cover is a visually appealing cover that is manufactured locally from imported materials and is available for installation nationwide. Strong enough to support the weight of an adult, the cover offers a high degree of safety while being simple and easy to use.

Supplied with a five year warranty and local backup, spares and service, a decision to invest in an Aqua-Net Automated Cover is an investment in quality, reliability and service – guaranteed. The Aqua-Net Automated cover slats are available in PVC, polycarbonate or Covrex.  A variety of colour options are offered. Cover slats carry a five year warrantee and are designed to last in excess of ten years.

PVC slats are the most economical solution in providing safety, keeping the pool clean, reducing maintenance and stopping water loss. Polycarbonate slats provide the same benefits but will also heat the pool water. Covrex slats are available to provide the same benefits but are better suited to shaped pools. If you live in an area that is prone to hail storms then Covrex slats are the way to go.

The Aqua-Net Automated Cover is manufactured in a stainless steel framed box, with the roller motor housed inside the roller tube. The cover can be fitted either as an above ground, in-ground or in-pool solution. The stainless steel framed box can be cladded in wooden decking if fitted as an above ground option. The cover control box carries a three year warranty and the cover itself is operated via remote control for ease of use.

The Aqua-Net Automated Cover is every pool owner’s dream come true. Call us today for more information and pricing on this luxury cover – starting from R135,000.

The Aqua-Net Automated Pool Cover


This option is mostly used when pools are being newly constructed. During the pool design stages, allowance is made for a below ground chamber into which the cover can roll. This leads to a neat and concealed detail.
These chambers can also be added to existing pools but it is rather complex, as the chamber needs to form part of the pool because it also needs to be filled with water.


This option can be used for existing or newly built pools. It is a built-in option where the cover retracts into a wet chamber which can double up as a martini seat. The chamber (enclosure) is constructed out of a stainless steel sub-frame which is clad in thick PVC paneling. This in turn can be finished to match the remaining pool finish. The vertical wall can either be part of the enclosure or it can be built as part of the pool construction. The horizontal panel is removable for maintenance purposes.


This option is generally used for existing pools. The cover rolls onto a shaft which is housed in a roll-up station positioned above ground on one end of the pool. These roll-up stations are constructed strong enough to be used as benches, tables, tanning decks, etc. In most cases they are clad in exterior timber decking, but other finishes are also available, for example tiles, cement board, etc.


This option is the most cost-effective. The PVC profiles are imported from Europe and represent the best quality product available in the market. The material is expected to last about 15 years or possibly longer, depending on the amount of exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals.

Colours: light grey, white, sand, light blue, dark blue


Non Solar: this option is significantly more costly than the PVC slats. This material has a superior finish, is aesthetically more pleasing and is expected to last approximately 20 years.

Colours: clear transparent, blue transparent

Solar: the solar option of this material actually heats up the pool and replaces roof-mounted solar heating systems and / or heat pumps.

Colours: clear solar, blue solar, green solar


This option is the most expensive. The slats are fully foam-filled and thereby significantly stronger. They do not require any end-caps, hence can be shaped to suit any curved pool edge seamlessly.

Colours: cream white, steel grey, silex grey, sky blue

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Automated Cover safe for my child

The cover will support the weight of an adult if necessary. For additional safety, stainless steel rails can be fitted to support the cover.

What are the benefits of the Automated cover
Safe and secure to prevent drowning.
Stops water loss.
Polycarbonate slats heat the pool.
Prevents leaves and debris from entering the pool.
Ease of use, operated via remote control.
What guarantee is offered?

With an expected minimum lifespan of 10-15 years, the cover is supplied with a 5 year warrantee on the slats and a three year warrantee on the motor control box. Backup service and spare parts are locally available.

Can it be fitted to my pool?

Please contact our sales office, to determine whether or not your pool can be fitted with an Automated cover.

Is the Automated Cover easy to use?

The cover is operated via remote control, allowing for effortless operation by one person.

Does the cover make my pool warmer

Polycarbonate slats will provide a heating benefit and insulate the pool at night.
PVC and covrex slats will insulate the pool but will not heat the water.

This Is What The Aqua-Net Automated Cover Looks Like

The Automated Pool Cover is best suited to rectangular pools, but your pool can be assessed for suitability.

This is how

Christie uses her Automated Pool Cover

“I absolutely love my Aqua-net Automated Cover. It looks really modern and beautiful. It covers my pool smoothly when I press the remote. My friends are all really jealous. 

Christie Marx, Aqua-Net customer

Be Proactive about Pool Safety

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    Aqua-Net aims to be the market leader in water safety and water maintenance solutions. This will be achieved through a customer focused approach, offered by a knowledgeable, motivated workforce ensuring that product suitability, quality, service and value are never compromised.

    There is no substitute for adult supervision.
    Never leave a child unattended near water.

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