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In the South African climate, swimming pool owners are only able to make use of their swimming pools for a limited number of months during the year. Water loss is of major concern with an average uncovered pool losing over 3000 litres of water a month. The Enviro-Bubble Solar Pool Cover is an excellent product introduced to reduce water loss by over 95% while preventing algae growth and reducing chemical use.
Quality of material is key with a solar cover and the Enviro-Bubble Solar Pool Cover is just that, a high-quality product, backed by a no-nonsense 4-year warranty. 
That’s our promise to you, that your pool cover will last and perform in the harsh South African climate.  While reducing overall pool maintenance and water loss.

What’s so great about the Enviro-Bubble Solar Cover?

Aqua-Net believes in offering the pool owner quality products with industry-leading warranties, service, and value for money. The Enviro-Bubble solar cover is manufactured from 500 micron UV-treated material that is designed to last a minimum of 4 years in the sun. All solar covers are not created equal. They may all perform a similar function, but lifespan is dependent on material thickness and UV stabilisers in the material.

Made from material that does not allow sunlight through, the Enviro-Bubble prevents algae growth. Your pool will not go green. Green algae is a common problem with solar covers due to the warmer water. This product is primarily designed to stop water loss, reduce chemical use and maintenence.

4 year warranty

The Enviro-bubble is supplied with a 4 year reducing warranty. 

Stops algae growth

No sunlight means no algae and less chemicals in your pool

500 micron protection

High quality materials are used to ensure the best results from your cover.

frequently asked questions

How is the enviro bubble different from other solar covers?:

Solar covers were first designed to heat pool water, to extend the swimming season.  This is done through transmission of the sun’s UV light through the material whereby water temperature is raised by as much as 8 degrees.  Solar covers also stop water evaporation.  Due to the large amount of water lost through evaporation, many pool users turn to a solar cover to save water and money.  A major issue with solar covers, and the transmission of light and consequent warmer water, is algae growth.  The Enviro Bubble is designed to stop UV radiation, stop water evaporation and stop algae growth.  It is one of the best ways to close a pool for a period of time limiting wasted water, time spent on maintenance  and chemical costs to achieve a sparkling blue pool.


Aqua-Net has three solar cover variants.  The Aqua-Dome and Aqua-Bubble are both standard use solar cover and are both equally capable of achieving the desired heating benefits as a result of sun exposure and reducing water loss through evaporation. The difference between these 2 product variants relates to the lifespan of the material. The 500 micron Aqua Dome lasts almost double that of the 500 micron Aqua-Bubble. 7-8 years lifespan of the Aqua-Dome vs 4 years expected lifespan of the Aqua-bubble. This is due to the higher level of UV inhibitors in the Aqua-Dome our premium solar cover offering.

How does the Enviro-Bubble save you money?

Water evaporation is eliminated when a solar blanket is in place on a pool. As water is fast becoming an expensive and scarce resource, the Enviro Bubble offers the ecologically conscious pool owner a means to reduce water usage, chemical usage and electricity. The cost incurred purchasing an Enviro Bubble solar cover is recouped as result of water and chemical savings over the lifetime of the blanket.

What is the guarantee?

The Enviro Bubble is supplied with a four year reducing warranty.  This is our promise to you that the cover will last a minimum of four years with constant use.  

Are there optional extras?

Storage rollers are available to assist with fitting and removing the cover.

Eco Roller

This is the entry level roller system and is designed for use on smaller pools and is made from combination of aluminium and PVC. Available in Grey. The storage roller is designed to assist in easy fitting and removal of the cover. 

Eco Roller Plus

The premium roller system made from aluminium and designed for larger pool covers. Available in White. The Eco Roller PLUS is designed to assist in easy fitting and removal of the cover.

Leading Edge

The leading edge is a reinforcing on the front the cover.  A pvc pipe is inserted into the sleeve created and a rope attached.  The leading edge assists in the fitment and removal of the cover from one point without requiring the user to walk down the length of the pool dragging the cover into place.

leading edge

Edge Protector

The edge protector is a stick-on edging that prevents unnecessary wear of the cover material on the paving edge when fitting and removing the cover.

pool edge cover

Are you the cheapest?

Aqua-Net offers high-quality products with industry-leading guarantees, service, and backup support. We are not the cheapest, but the best value for money.  A decision to buy an Aqua-Net product is a long-term investment in your pool that will translate to money saved.

What maintenance is required?

Use mild soapy water and a soft brush to clean the solar blanket. This becomes especially necessary when there is salt build up on the cover with salt water pools.

Debris and dust can be hosed directly into the pool skimmer box/weir. Before storing the blanket, clean it and allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. Fold it only on the seams and roll it from one end. If possible it is best to simply roll the blanket up without folding it. Place the blanket in a clean, dry, rodent-free area where temperatures will not reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Exposure to the sun, water and pool chemicals during normal usage will eventually destroy the solar blanket. The time this takes to happen is dependent on the usage and care given to the solar blanket. When bubble disintegration, delaminating, flaking, or peeling occurs, remove the blanket from the pool and replace it with a new solar blanket. 

If the pool cover has not achieved it’s expected life, then it almost certainly has been subject to excessive chlorine levels / unbalanced water and / or excessive exposure – either intermittently or continuously.

The chemical environment in a pool is created by:

  • The amount of UV rays produced by the sun and the exposure of the blanket to these rays on and off the pool.
  • The volume of pool chemicals (such as chlorine) in the pool water.
  • The chemistry parameters that balance the pool water (pH) Potents Hydrogens, (CH) Calcium Hardness,(TA) Total Alkalinity.
  • The heat of the pool water (whilst the cover is on the pool).
  • Damage caused by excessive chemical exposure is excluded from the warranty.

this is what the enviro-bubble solar pool cover looks like

Want to see what the eco-friendly pool cover looks like? We can fit the Enviro-bubble to any sized pool or pond.

Keep your pool water where it belongs

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    Aqua-Net aims to be the market leader in water safety and water maintenance solutions. This will be achieved through a customer focused approach, offered by a knowledgeable, motivated workforce ensuring that product suitability, quality, service and value are never compromised.

    There is no substitute for adult supervision.
    Never leave a child unattended near water.

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