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Aqua-Net is proud to introduce the Evodeck automated pool cover to our product range. The Evodeck is set to become our premier automatic pool cover solution. Available either as a fully automated pool cover, mains connected, pool cover or as a manually operated cover.  The Evodeck is visually appealing and offers world class safety and environmental benefits.

The Evodeck is every pool owners dream cover. Priced from R85 000 including VAT and installation.

The Evodeck Automated Pool Cover

The Evodeck protects beautiful pools and is available in manual or automatic. This automated pool cover complies with the French safety standard NF P 90-308 and allows you to enjoy your pool with complete peace of mind. Evodeck shelters your pool against cold nights and gusting winds, keeping your water warm. It supports up to 100 kilograms per meter squared. It’s a simple cleverly-designed system which you and your family are sure to enjoy.


Simple and reliable, this model comes with a power unit that is stored in the motor housing

Physically attractive

The Evodeck Automated Cover is pleasing to the eye and designed to follow the countours of recutangular pools


The slat cover is bouyant and has an excellent load-bearing capacity. It can easily support the weight of an adult man.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can the Evodeck hold?

The Evo-Deck can easily support the weight of an adult man. It has an excellent load-bearing capacity.

Is the Evodeck safe for my child?

The Evodeck adheres to French pool safety standards and has an amazing load-bearing capacity. It is a great safety option. 

Are you the cheapest?

As the market leaders we offer uncompromised quality and service.  As such we are by no means the cheapest option you will find, but we do believe we offer the best value for money.  You can expect product excellence, awesome service, meaningful guarantees and backup service you can rely on.

The Evodeck is priced from R85 000. If you would like a quote be sure to contact us.

Does this cover make my pool warmer?

Yes it does. The slats protect your pool from cold gusts of wind and freezing nights. It enables you to start the swimming season earlier and end it later.

Is the Evodeck easy to use?

Yes. It is available as an automated or manual cover. All you have to do is clip it in place. 

Can it be fitted to my pool?

The Evodeck is only suitable for for square of rectangular pools. It can be fitted to most sizes smaller than 14 meters long and 6 meters wide.

This Is What The Evodeck Looks Like

Want to see what the Evodeck looks like? Here are pictures of the incredible safety cover. It can be fitted to most rectangular pools smaller than 14 meters long and 6 meters wide.

This is how

Christie uses her Automated Pool Cover

“I absolutley love my Evodeck. It looks really modern and beautiful. It covers my pool smoothly when I press the remote and all I have to do is clip it closed. My friends are all really jealous. 

Christie Marx, Aqua-Net customer

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