Repurposing Pool Noodles

 2017-09-21 01:53 PM by
Repurposing Pool Noodles

If you’re considering throwing away your faded pool noodles, don’t! Pool noodles can be repurposed as cheap and effective household hacks.

  • Cut them to the length of your boot and place it inside to ensure your boot maintains its original shape and doesn’t take on any storage folds.
  • Cut to desired length, cut half-way into the circumference and put it over the edge of the door as a doorstopper - protecting fingers or loud slams which could wake up a sleeping baby.
  • Cut the pool noodle down its length and silicone to your garage walls. This serves as a buffer, saving scratches to your paintwork or dents when you’re parking in a tight space or opening doors too widely.