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Drowing – a silent killer

A safety net or any pool cover can never be a substitute for adult supervision. It is there to provide a last line of safety should a child wander off unsupervised. It only takes seconds for a child to drown. Drowning is a silent killer. In 2012 in South Africa, Netcare reported that it attended to 218 drownings or near drownings. This statistic is from just one emergency response operator. NGO, Childsafe, reports that 326 children drown every year because of a lack of vigilance, and the Medical Research Council has released statistics that over 3 000 people died from drowning in the last five years – this is more than one death by drowning every day of the year. A decision taken to secure a swimming pool is a decision taken to protect a child’s life. For a free quote or advice about securing your pool, contact Aqua-Net on 0860-AQUANET

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