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Aqua-Net is proud to introduce to the South African pool owner, the Ultra Dome.  The 500 micron Ultra Dome, imported from Australia, offers the pool owner exceptional value for money due to its industry leading 7 year warranty.

The free floating  Ultra Dome is cut to the inside shape of a pool and will prevent water evaporation, reduce filtration time, reduce electricity usage and insulate the pool, providing excellent heating benefits.  Pool temperature from sun exposure alone will increase by up to 8 degrees.

The Ultra Dome was designed for the harsh Australian climate.  As such the bubble has been designed to withstand exposure to UV rays and also pool chemicals.  Having been tried and tested  down under, Aqua-Net is confident that the Ultra Dome will outperform  South African expectations.

The industry leading seven year warranty ensures that the pool owner can expect to recoup and surpass the initial cost of the blanket  on an average size pool.

Storage rollers are also available to make the process of fitting and removing the blanket as easy as possible.  The Ultra Dome can either be bought as a DIY or installed by Aqua-Net.

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