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Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas

Everyone one wants to look at swimming pool renovations ideas that can fit their budget.  It is not easy to decide when to take the plunge. We have put together a few tips on how to approach this upgrade:

When is a good time to renovate your pool?


Winter is a good time to make minor renovations around the home and if you’re a pool owner, a great project to take on is the renovation of your pool area. Starting sooner rather than later will ensure that by the time summer comes, your outdoor entertainment area will be the hottest spot on the block. 


How do I hide my pool pump?


While the pool might be the showstopper in your backyard, pool pumps are not as attractive. This can be easily be solved by investing in some simple D.I.Y. Upcycle pallets by making a clever, lockable pool pump cover – not only will it hide the pump but it will serve as a storage space where smaller items, such as your pool chemicals, can be stored safely.


How can I improve the area around my pool?


Landscaping, paving and tiling of a pool area are all important to consider as it not only needs to complement the other design elements of your garden, but it needs to be functional as well. Visit your local nursery to confirm which plants are best to plant around your pool area.  When choosing plants for your landscaping, don’t only consider how it will look aesthetically, but also if it’s safe for pets, sheds many leaves and requires constant maintenance. The surface around your pool should be non-slip and look great – speak to a flooring expert at your local building supplier. Decking is often a great option as, with the proper wood treatment, it stays cool and easy to clean.

We found a wonderful online shop where you can order plants for around your pool. We also suggest you use a pool leaf catcher in Autumn to protect your pool.  So all the best with your swimming pool renovations!

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