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Water and Maintenance Saving Pool Covers

Adding a pool cover saves you electricity, chemicals, water and effort – And did I mention can increase your water temperature by 8°C.

If you have a swimming pool, one of the fastest ways to save money is by adding a pool cover to your open pool. It’s a myth to think that pool covers are too expensive. Just the water savings alone will cover the cost of the pool cover. We recently did some cost estimates and I challenge you to do the same based on the water, electricity and chemicals costs in your area.

Let’s say you have a pool that is 8 meters by 5 meters and holds 50 000 litres with a 1kw pump costing you R2 every hour in electricity to run. Now let’s say you run it for 8 hours per day 365 days per year. That would cost you R5840 per year to run. If you could halve that cost you would save R2920 per year. Now think of the water savings, – If in summer you could reduce your evaporation by 80- 90% and only have to top up once every month rather than every five days, what would that save you? And if you could reduce chemical usage by half, that may save you another R100 per month. Environmentally you have done a great thing!

Adding a pool cover will catch most of the leaves and debris which means you need to clean your pool less and you need to have the filter running less (especially in the winter months when you are
not using the pool).

The pool cover also reduces direct sunlight thereby reducing algae build-up and therefore reducing your need for chemicals and extends the effectiveness of the chlorine in the water.

With up to 90% reduction in evaporation depending on what type of cover your choose, a pool cover reduces the amount of times you have to top-up the pool with water and therefore reduces your water bill considerably. Do you know how much water flows from your backyard hose per minute? Of course it will vary with local water pressure but on average, it can be around 15 litres per minute.So, how often do you top up your pool in summer and for how long?

As an example: 30minutes x 15 litres / minute x 6 (every 5 days/month) = 2700 litres per month.

Water is a precious resource that should be conserved at every opportunity. A pool cover can reduce monthly tops ups to just once a month which is a saving of 83% on water that is simply lost to evaporation every month.

However, with all this said, the best benefit to me is the increased water temperature of up to 8°C that not only makes my pool more luxurious but also extends the months that I can use the pool, making all the cost and effort worthwhile. Just imagine a pool that was once 20°C in summer now a delicious 28°C!

There are a number of different product choices you can make with regards to pool covers and these range from the Leaf Catcha, the Ultra Dome solar blanket, the Aqua-Guard cover and the multifunctional Solid Safety Cover. All the covers pay for themselves over their lifespans. You can view our range of covers on offer and what they look like.

In my experience with my own pool, a pool cover is the best investment I’ve made, protecting my child and the environment and saving me time and money.

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