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As a swimming pool owner, you are faced with a number of issues. Safety is always paramount and Aqua-Net offers you a wide range of pool nets & pool covers: the Aqua-Net, the Solid Safety Cover, the Multi-Cover or the Aqua-Fence will secure your pool, protecting your family and friends. Aqua-Net is proud to introduce the world class automated pool cover by Pool Safe.  Fully automated and available in a range of materials and colours, Pool Safe is a premier product.  We’ve got you covered with our multiple pool cover product solutions.

Your pool is the “go to” place in summer, but often forgotten about in winter. Aqua-Net would not only like to assist you in keeping your pool safe, clean and warm for summer, but also to wrap it up for the winter period. The Leaf Catcha, Multi-Cover, Aqua-Guard and Solid Safety pool covers, along with the Ultra Dome and Aqua-Bubble Solar Blankets are all industry leading pool covers with exceptional quality and guarantees. Fitting a pool cover is the clever choice; saving water, electricity and countless hours cleaning your pool. Aqua-Net can help you make the most of your swimming pool all year round.

Aqua-Net are the leaders in the pool cover industry. Meeting your needs and expectations is our business. Give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss your requirements together.

From 1972 to now

The Aqua-Net as a concept originated in Zimbabwe in 1972. Over the past 48 years, Aqua-Net as a company has become every pool owner’s go-to place for pool cover solutions.

We started small but are now a multi-national company that is family owned and managed. Our key focus is always on our customers and their changing needs, offering them the best quality products and service in all that we do.  Saving lives, saving money, saving time and saving the environment. From small humble beginnings, we have grown and evolved to offer you a company that you can trust with your pool and your children’s safety.

Aqua-net pool nets provide safety for your kids and babies.
Aqua-net supplies pool covers across South Africa.

We service South Africa and beyond

Aqua-Net has a national footprint with branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Vaal Triangle, Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth and East London. We also have dealers in Dubai and Mauritius. Accredited dealers are located throughout the country and internationally.

Customer Favourites

The Aqua-Net is still, after 48 years, the simplest and easiest safety system to secure your pool. The Leaf Catcha and Aqua-Guard are both excellent maintenance and cost-saving products. The Aqua-Bubble and Ultra Dome solar blankets offer a great way to extend your swimming season and stop evaporation. The Aqua-Fence provides yet another versatile solution to secure your swimming pool. Lastly, the Solid Safety Cover and the Multi-Cover offers safety, water savings, chemical savings, electricity as well as ease of use!

Swimming Pool Safety Nets by Aqua-net South Africa

The Aqua-Net

Used by concerned parents for over 48 years, there have been 0 reported drownings on an installed Aqua-Net to date. 

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Aqua-net Pool Covers for child safety

Solid Safety Pool Cover

It can bear the weight of two adults and a childThere are no cumbersome hooks and eyelets for ease of use. 

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Aqua-Net is the best pool cover specialist in South Africa

The Multi-Cover

A true multi-functional option, the Multi Cover can keep your pool clean, saving you time and money.

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A note from Andrew Reed,

Aqua-Net’s Managing Director

A note from Andrew Reed,

Aqua-Net’s Managing Director

“Having been with Aqua-net since 1996, I have personally experienced and reinforced our commitment to product solutions that solve pool-related problems. I believe that your experience with Aqua-Net will be the right choice and a purchase will be an investment you can rely upon.”

The director of Aqua-Net is Andrew Reed
Suppliers of swimming pool covers by Aqua-Net Gauteng

Aqua-Net aims to be the market leader in water safety and water maintenance solutions. This will be achieved through a customer focused approach, offered by a knowledgeable, motivated workforce ensuring that product suitability, quality, service and value are never compromised. There is no substitute for adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended near water.

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